Leadership Team

Dr. Kavita Lohano :

A compassionate physician and the dedicated owner of an Adult care center that truly prioritizes the well-being of older adults. With a deep-rooted passion for adult day care services, Dr. Lohano has made it their mission to create a nurturing and enriching environment for seniors.

Dr. Kavita Lohano


Dr. Suresh Lohano :

Dr. Suresh Lohano, a distinguished primary care physician, is highly regarded for his dual board certifications in pediatrics and internal medicine.
What truly distinguishes Dr. Lohano, however, is his specialized focus on Adult care.

Dr. Suresh Lohano


Dr. Danyal Lohana :

Combining their expertise as a dentist and as a current MBA student, Danyal brings a unique perspective to the world of Adult care. He has a genuine love for caring for Adults, and his MBA skills play a pivotal role in their position as CEO of the Adult care center. He brings a strategic mindset, allowing him to identify opportunities, develop innovative solutions, and navigate challenges in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

Dr. Danyal Lohana


Levi McCarter

Levi serves as our dedicated manager, bringing with him a wealth of expertise in both business administration and nursing assistance. His background uniquely positions him to excel in this role, combining business acumen with hands-on nursing experience. Levi is the perfect fit to lead and support our team, ensuring a seamless blend of managerial skills and healthcare knowledge at the heart of our operations. 

Levi McCarter


Carrie Gabbard

Carrie serves as an Activities Coordinator at Peggy’s Place. She is committed to providing engaging and meaningful daily activities for our participants.
She understands the unique needs and challenges of our participants and utilize them by tailoring activities to promote cognitive stimulation, social interaction, and a sense of accomplishment.

Carrie Gabbard

Activities Coordinator

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